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High Vac

                          We entered into the field of vacuum technology, 35 years back,flourished as a well aclaimed firm, with a whole gamut of vacuum products.H K Industries has been manufacturing high quality
stationary and rotating equipments for both movement of gas,vapours and fluids.

                            When vacuum plays an important role in your production process, you need a supplier with a application know-how. H K Industries being a supplier of a variety of vacuum systems, you can have all the options.Take our advise,we will provide you with avacuum system best suited to your application.

Customer Service

                        We guide our customers ,if we have the relavent process requirements, like working vacuum ,quantity to be distilled/Hr ,temperature, molecular weight,etc.Vacuum systems often requires a quick customer service to avoid any delay in the production process.We provide this service as and when required.

Products List
Water Ring Vacuum Pump Venturi Scrubber Systems
Oil Sealed Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps Liquid Jet Ejector System
Steam Jet Ejector System Heat Exchangers
Eductor System PLANTS
Dry Vacuum Pump System

                                                1) Provide top quality products with best possible service.
                                                2) Be responsive to Customer needs.                                   
                                               3) To assist your Company in producing:-
                                                                                 MINIMUM MAINTENANCE
                                                                                 NON POLLUTING
                                                                                 REDESIGNING YOUR ALLIED EQUIPMENT IF NECESSARY.
                                               4) Your progress is our Business.

Steam Ejector System
Liquid Jet Ejector system Mixing Eductor Rotary piston vacuum pumps Liquid Ring vacuum Pumps Scrubber Systems Heat Exchangers Plants Dry Vacuum Pump