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Heat Exchanger

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The Graphite heat exchangers are suitable for applications that require andling of corrosive liquids and gases

Typical applications include:

Main features

Great versatality


Unequalled heat transfer performance

venturi scrubber


The graphite impregnated block is permenantly compressed between cast iron clamping plates,with tie bolts passing through the lugs at the corners.There are series of parallel holes between opposing faces for the passage of process and service fluids.The headers are made of cast iron.Other coatings can be done ont the header according to the corrosive nature of the fluids.

A variety of multi-pass arrangements can be accomodated by incorporating partitions inside of the headers.

venturi scrubber

Split or graduated multipass arrangements can also be supplied.By using multi-pass headers,velocity of the process and service fluids can be adjusted to the most economic figure. This gives a close approximation to close counter current flow,which is paricularly useful for for heating or cooling fluids or heat recovery duties.With the cross flow principle and using graphite headers on both sides of the block,the heat exhanger can handle corrosive fluid.

    Gaskets are only used between the graphite block and the removable headers; any leakage is to atmosphere where it is immediately detectable.Contamination of the process fluid by the service fluid is impossible.