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H.K Industries provides engineered solutions to meet the needs of virtually any vapor scrubbing problem, whether its acid gases, NOx, odor control or a myriad of other similar applications.

Our engineers, scientists and designers are capable of tackling the most complex and difficult problems. Scrubbers are custom designed to meet your specific performance requirements.

Venturi scrubbers
venturi scrubber The Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a liquid motivated ejector design to entrain contaminated gases, generally without the need for a blower. The relatively high liquid-to-gas ratio, liquid atomization, and open internal design provide effective scrubbing of heavily contaminated gases with minimal maintenance and virtually unlimited turndown capabilities. It can handle wide ranging conditions while removing both toxic gases and particulate matter. It is often used as a first stage in a multi-stage pollution control system. Motivating fluid exits the nozzle in a hollow cone spray pattern, creating a draft. Contact between the scrubbing liquid and the gas results in high gas mass transfer and/or particulate capture. This mixture discharges into a separator.
Motive fluid Caustic Soda/Potash,Water,Lime
Applications scrubbing Chlorine,Nox,SO2 and other gases
Capacity We make scrubbers upto 3000 Kg/Hr scrubbing gas
Scrubbing system An example of out scrubbing system supplied to our clients/P & I Diagram

Steam Ejector System
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