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An example of the system supplied to our clients/ P & I diagram of the system

 Liquid jet ejector system

    Liquid jet ejector system provides a low maintenance,low cost alternative to other vacuum systems.They are simple in construction consisting of suction housing,diffuser and motive nozzle.

     The operation of liquid jet pumps is based on high velocity liquid jet emerging from the motive nozzle entraining air or gas in the suction housing and compres- sing it to atmospheric pressure.

    Liquid jet pumps with flange connections are mainly used for production of vacuum in vacuum distillation,in technical institutes,in production plants and vacuum drying

     They are used for evacuating siphon lines,suction lines of circulating pumps and and condensers.

    It requires a complete package unit consisting of a liquid jet ejector,a tank, a circulating pump and a cooling tower unit(cooling tower with circulating pump)/cooler.

     The lowest suction pressure which can be obtained with a suction capacity of zero(blank vacuum)corresponds to vapour pressure of the motive liquid,which is dependent upon the temperature of the liquid.

     Because of it's study construction they are very attractive solution to the following:

  • corrosive vapours
  • High vapour loads
  • Polluting vapours
  • Low leak vacuum plants
  • Vacuum of the order of 40 to 760 torr
  • (For higher vacuum mechanical and steam boosters can be added)

To view charateristic curve of pump models click here.

Liquid jet ejectors Water or other liquids SS316,SS304,PP,FRP,GRAPHITE

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