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                       They provide reliable source of vacuum for wet and aggressive vapours.To increase the capacity multiple stages can be added. They are available in different materials according to process requirements.

Water is generally used as a media for sealing, however any other liquid   with low  vapor pressure can be used .

         Unlike any other vacuum pumps,liquid ring vacuum pumps do not  require any internal lubrication, as there is no metal to metal contact between rotating and stationary parts.

Water ring vacuum pumps

with two stages give a higher pumping speed near its blank vacuum. Blank vacuum of 30 torr can be achived at 27ºC  or 80ºF.


In applications where heat is generated ,temperature can be maintained by the use of heat exchanger to form a closed loop system or through the introduction of fresh water.

Material of Construction of water ring vacuum pumps:

Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps are available with both Mechanical seal and soft gland packing.

Non Return Valve

Cast Iron(partly SS 304)

S.S 304                                                                                                 all wetted parts

S.S 316                                                                                                 all wetted parts.


Distillation,Filtration,Vacuum drying,Evaporation,Crystallisation,Water extraction from pulp,paste,priming,etc.


We have capacities ranging from

50 m³/Hr to 2000m³/Hr

Some of our standard pumps are as follows:

newpag1.jpg (35019 bytes) w r pump (35019 bytes)

Monoblock water ring vacuum pumps Click here to see the internal view of double stage liquid ring vacuum pump

To view charateristic curve of pump models click here.

To view pump manual click here..

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